National Administrator's Credential NAC - Distance Learning - Web-Based Version

NICCM 's Director Credential Program now has even more options than before. We have created an unparalleled distance learning program. NICCM's distance program is the closest thing to actually being at one of our live events and can be used to get your Texas Director Credential, Florida Director Credential, or National Administrator Credential.

Whether you need or want to get the program completed within a weekend OR you want to take up to six months, the NICCM distance learning program can be tailored to fit your needs. You can order the program as a correspondance class and have up to 6 months to complete the training for full credential credit. Distance learning students will have the opportunity to receive the credential by completing the program at their own pace.

Participants will be sent the 350 page conference book as well as the Final Examination and the Praxis. They will also be assigned a "mentor" to help them through the program. Participants can contact their mentor by phone or e-mail with questions regarding the Final Exam and Praxis. After watching the online videos and completing the Final Exam and Praxis, NICCM will then grade the Final Exam and Praxis and mail the certificate.

Course Information

The Director Credential Program is divided into 5 Sessions each containing 2 distinct units of study. Each session is approximately 4 hours long. Participants can sign up for individual sessions or complete all 5 Sessions and the Test/Praxis to earn their Director Credential. (45 contact hours/45 CEU's)

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Session A: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 1: Fiscal Management: Developing the Budget

Unit 2: Insurance For Your Center

Session B: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 3: Recruiting, Hiring & New Teacher Orientation

Unit 4: Employee Handbooks, Evaluations and Job Descriptions

Session C: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 5: Parent Comunication

Unit 6: Child Development – The Essentials

Session D: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 7: Working With the Difficult Employee

Unit 8: Administrative Leadership

Session E: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 9: The New Economy Challenges and Opportunities

Unit 10: Train the Trainer

Session F: Test and Praxis (25 Contact Hours/2.5 CEUs for Completion)

Once enrolled in the NAC Online Bundle you will automatically have access to all the individual teachable courses listed above.

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Your Instructor

Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith

A much sought after trainer and motivational speaker in early education, business and leadership events nationwide. His knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed in the early educational field. Bradley’s teaching style is highly entertaining and interactive.

Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate by email at which time you will also be unenrolled from the course. You will not be able to access the course again without payment unless other arrangements are made with us. Please contact us with any questions and thank you for considering our school to further your education.

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