Avoiding Or Recovering From Burnout

Overwhelmed much? Current research tells us that early education center directors are overworked, under rested, and at high risk for becoming emotionally and physically exhausted due to the demands of the job. Many last on average of 3-5 years in their role only to leave the industry altogether. This session explores what burnout is, how to recognize the signs, and provide simple strategies to incorporate into your routine such as how to delegate responsibilities and improve time management. This session also provides methods for maintaining a positive emotional and physical well being in order to remain resilient amid stress and the demands of work.

Running Time: 59 min

Contact Hours: 1.25 Hours

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Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith

A much sought after trainer and motivational speaker in early education, business and leadership events nationwide. His knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed in the early educational field. Bradley’s teaching style is highly entertaining and interactive.

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  Avoiding Or Recovering From Burnout
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